Dixie Chicken

We got a message that a dog was killing chickens and the caller (or their husband or their landlord or their neighbor or whoever) was going to shoot it if somebody didn't “do something.” It was so long ago I can't remember if it was their dog, or a stray that wandered in looking for food, or any of the other stories that people tell when taking care of their dog or helping a dog in need is too inconvenient. We had room so in she came. We named her Dixie because she was a typical breed mix for this area of the south. As is also very typical, she was about 7 months old and a wild child. First thing we had to do after getting rid of the ticks, fleas and worms and vaccinating her was get her spayed. A trip to the vet and ten days to recover and she was introduced to the herd.

Dixie liked to run and got along well with the other dogs. She learned basic leash and obedience skills quickly and was soon posted on multiple adoption web sites. At first a few people asked about her, but when they came to visit, Dixie was shy. Its funny how often folks will say, “I want to help the neediest dog you have” and then go home with an Odie type. Its been over five years and this is Dixie's home now. She loves to stare intently at tiny sounds in the bushes outside the fence or way up in an oak tree. She has friends to play with, a comfortable place to sleep out of the weather and gets cookies and as much attention as time allows.

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