A sheriff deputy called  one blistering hot day and side he found a puppy in a trash can in a tiny park just east of Calico Rock. He thought it was dead but then it moved.  Terry and John jumped in their truck and went to get it. They took it to Dr. Bob who x-rayed it and found that it had a fractured skull and was also severely dehydrated.  The vet treated the puppy and sent it home with Terry saying that the next twenty four hours would tell if it could survive.  For the next day...and for several weeks after, Terry poured himself into the tiny, broken puppy.  All the while the puppy showed the best spirit and never fussed or complained so Terry named him Job. One day Paw was visiting Terry and noticed that Little Job had something wrong with his back legs. Paw took him to see Dr. Smith at All Creatures the next day and upon examination it was found that both his back legs would need major surgery. First one knee was rebuilt followed by months of paw carrying Job's back side around in a sling . Then the second leg was operated on and the process started all over again. Finally the day came where  it was necessary to see if Job would be able to walk on his own. Paw said, "I've never been so scared in my life. I was so afraid that all the work and suffering would be undone with one loud pop and we would have to figure out how to give Job as good a life as possible with out the use of his back legs."  Every day Job would walk a little more and got stronger and stronger. His legs were far from normal but he figured out a way to use them together and could even run and spin.  It has been several years and Job has a group of friends to play with and  loves to be patted and scratched. The skull fracture left him kind of simple minded but he still has a sense of humor. His favorite trick  when he is sitting with Paw on the sofa in the kennel house is to look upside down over the top of his head to see where paw is and then fall over backwards on his lap. Job has been doing this since he weighed 20 lbs. Today he weighs almost one hundred pounds.  Huge, not too bright, busted up dogs don't have much of a chance of getting adopted but  who knows. I'm absolutely sure that there is someone out there that needs Job as much as Job needs them.  Until them Job gets all the love and care a dog can get.......when he has to share it with so many other dogs.

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